Good stuff

We feel that if you’re able to do something good you should. That’s why, ever since we started out, we’ve tried to do something that makes a positive difference.

It’s why we love working with organisations that are making a difference too. Here are just a few of the small ways in which we’re trying to help make the world a better place.



Green Flamingos

Growing the Fable forest

Every time we complete a project, we plant trees. We do this in partnership with Ecologi, a climate-cool company based in Bristol that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and help fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions. So far, through Ecologi, we’ve planted thousands of trees and helped support reforestation projects in Mozambique and the UK as well as mangrove planting in Madagascar. You can read more about the difference we’re making together at

Forest Toad

So far we have planted 6,314 trees

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Going carbon positive

To help clean up the atmosphere, we’re cleaning up our act. That’s why we’ve committed to planting enough trees and offsetting enough carbon for our team to be carbon positive. And we’ve helped support projects preserving Amazonian rainforest in Brazil and generating solar power in India.

Sea Ice Polar Bear

Already we’ve offset over 64 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

CO2 Icon

That’s 49 long-haul flights offset.

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Or 193m2 of sea ice saved.

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Or 159,702 miles driven in a car offset.

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Supporting the bum stuff

Around 40% of the global population don’t have access to a toilet. Shockingly, more people have mobile phones than somewhere to park their posteriors. It’s a fact that galvanised some amazing guys to start up Who Gives A Crap – a company that donates 50% of its loo-roll-making profits to help build toilets around the world. We love this story, and we support them by number one, using their toilet rolls, and number two, helping build more toilets. After all, number ones and twos need all the support they can get. Joking aside, toilets have saved more lives than any other modern invention, so it’s a seriously good cause.

Children Toilet

Making Christmas brighter

Instead of gifts, we donate to causes we believe in, causes we know can help bring about real change. Over the years, we’ve helped build girls’ schools in rural Africa and plant trees that produce vital crops and prevent erosion. Closer to home, we’ve helped reunite missing people with their loved ones, lift the spirits of young people struggling with their mental health and bring dignity to people living on the streets – supporting amazing charities with their incredible work.

Girl Star

Giving back to design

We’re proud to give our backing, both financial and creative, to a weekend studio experience for young creatives Over two days, the participants get to work on a project – in teams and under pressure – guided by industry professionals. For us, it’s far from a one-way street where we give our time and pass on our knowledge, it’s a shared learning experience.

Werkhouse Lightbulb

Championing women in design

UP is an initiative created by the West of England Design Forum dedicated to empowering and supporting women and driving better equality in design. As passionate and feisty advocates of redressing the imbalance, we’re proud to be actively involved. And we practice what we preach, with family-friendly working practices and a supportive working environment.

UP Female